Sorry Day, Perhaps Not

As for the “Sorry” Statement from our recently elected Govt. led by Kevin Rudd (Prime Minister) that supports cover-ups and deceit and mismanagement of Aboriginal values, culture, and lives … its called “white-washing” and again means little, as They have covered theirs and the Nation’s arse (and national purse) by saying, here’s the words and the sentimental gesture… but don’t forget to assimilate, educate, work, and “join us” if you want to get along in this country… we shall indoctrinate but we won’t “give” back anything that reinforces your (1) unique Aboriginal culture, (2) spirituality, (3) country (sacred site), (4) self-determination, (5) Cultural revival/survival… it seems to me its all about “being seen to be doing” but not actually “giving-back” and/or real reciprocation and not just as compensation.

After all is said and done, not one bit of difference in practical, real terms will be resulting … I live in and represent a dying culture — one of the last remaining, truly unique and indigenous, on this planet… apart from a few sentimental and emotional responses from a select few individuals comparatively speaking

  • life will still be a struggle for the majority of Aboriginal people (against all the odds);
  • the social indicators and morbidity stats will continue to be grim; and
  • the Aboriginal industry will still be perpetuated at the manipulative machinations of the “clever few”; and many people will continue to make incredibly prestigious and some-what well-paid and influential career opportunities upon the sufferance of the dwindling few who hold-out to their Aboriginality in the most genuine and spiritual manner… diseased and disinherited, maligned and constantly misunderstood …

I am willing and able to expand on, and discuss any points I raise herein, with anyone who feels so inclinedHappy Sorry Day … perhaps not!

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