Outcast in Their Country

“… when the ‘mainstream’ majority fails to consider the real needs of a powerless minority, the entire system is weakened. A socio-political system that claims to be a democracy must expect to be judged not by the brightness of its sporting stars but by the wellbeing of its most powerless citizens. … the specific position in which Aboriginal people find themselves is not of their own making. It is the result of two centuries of policies formed in exactly the same myopic way that we are exhibiting today. Non-indigenous Australia makes outcasts of the indigenous peoples and then compounds the disadvantage when they do not comply with our norms. If we really do have good will towards Aboriginal people, we must accept the necessity of their protests …” ~ Tony Smith, The University of Sydney (Sept 2000)


2 thoughts on “Outcast in Their Country

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  1. There are 2 worlds in which I live in kununurra.
    There is a black world and a white world which exists in some senses it is apartheid which is evident.

    Go to the kununurra hotel there is a backbar for blacks which the locals call the ‘animal bar’ and the front bar for the rest…..

    I know which bar I prefer….

    1. so these, unofficial bars still exist … I remember such across WA in the 70s &early 80s, pity, shameful, yet true. Thanks for commenting 😉

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