Aboriginal Is Not A Religion

Aboriginality re-in-forces and represents “the Law”, not the laws of Man as such,
but “the Principle” (or Law) of life and living.

We can all cite examples of the laws of government and religion — and thus of Man — and see how they have all-ways favoured the lawmakers, politicians, and religious enforcers, and thus one group against another. However, no matter how well intentioned, such laws discriminate, and in their application they usually empower the power-hungry at the further detriment and expense of the disempowered. Lawmakers, politicians and the pious as “power-brokers” make up a “triad of evil” that can be understood as all-ways saying, “these laws are for just-us” yet never ensuring nor enshrining justice. Also, such laws and teachings all-ways relate to the principles of humanism, which of their very nature cannot be inclusive of all life.

Aboriginal literally translates to the “absolute original” — the first known — below and beyond all other forms, and in the context of this country (Australia) and its original peoples (“the Aborigines”), it is not just a race or class of people, it can also refer to a state of being, a state of knowing, a Way of Living-Being — an adherence to knowing and living in a manner that maintains “ones” connection to all life — not just humans or “just-us”.
Aboriginal, in its essential implication, is not about separateness from some and acceptance to others.

The “ab origin” means “from the beginning” and trans-relates to the absolute-original-gene within the Aborigines of these lands, and in-term effectively recognises the “absolute original genesis” that is within all — the oneness, or source of beginnings of life that “links” all — “the original-gene-in-all” (genesis).

Aboriginal is the knowing of the origins and the Law of Life that is implicit in all of life, not “just-us”.

Aboriginal really cannot be interpreted logically, nor rationalised or intellectualised, no matter our need or reason to do so; It is an experience and a “knowing”, as It is original, and therefore beyond the limitations and confines of words themselves.

In my case, even though I had a “Christian” father; a Muslim Grandfather (maternal); an Anglo-Germanic Australian Grandfather (paternal); an Aboriginal-Irish Grandmother, I remain uncomfortable and “disturbed” whenever I am being imposed upon to describe who am I. I could say I am all of these and yet none of these. I could also say without confusion that I am one-of-all; an absolute original (ab-original) that is all.

In effect, in our contemporary language, “origin” means just that — the point of beginning — to which in a 3 dimensional world/reality such as ours, the coordinates or point of origin is mathematically written as 0,0,0. At that point and beyond no-thing can make sense, and being “ab-origine” cannot “make sense” either.

May I suggest that none of us stop at any particular religion; continue the search for your origene, your “aboriginality” reality — go through and beyond any religion that you may embrace to the source, to the Seed, beyond the separateness, the split, the alien-nation, and the limitations of humanism — go to the Law, the Principle, not the war of Saddam-Islam or Adam-Christian or Abraham-Judean or any “other” that binds and limits Aboriginality in this country (Australia) or within one’s Self.

Go “deeper” into, not further a-way from The Law, the “Dreaming”, the Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa; The “Dreamtime Story”.

This is my expression and understanding … for now.

Salaam in One
Djubba (David John) Akbar (27 Feb 2003)

This is an abbreviated Version of a longer Commentary I wrote some time ago. Full Version here.

2 thoughts on “Aboriginal Is Not A Religion

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  1. Read your article with most intention.
    i know what you mean,though really difficult to understand this background to the original. Are you suggesting that for finding the ab-original one should look first into oneself? It is easier to label. It is easier to discrimintate… we are doing it inside and outside..of ourselves
    What about… if all of of a suddedn we go deeper and deeper and find that as it is happening in the searching for the origin of mmatter we find that we cannot get any further…there is not origin?.. not in the way we assume it as a concept?

    This is really exciting… as a searching and as a reality that is trying to involve our development. No lineal development…. not existing the end.. the goals.
    Thanks DJ … for your points of feelings and views… yes.. feelings also change of point.. that depending on context.. the same with ideas.

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