The Dreaming is Not A Religion

imageThough often referred to as a religion, the Dreaming is much more than a collection of metaphysical concepts and moral prohibitions. It is the spiritual beacon which provides the societal and personal guiding light to every Original soul and tribe. The Dreaming’s genesis is a time before time began, when the Earth was soft. In this eternity dwell the Creation Spirits who gave form to this unformed reality. But the Original understanding of chronology is not that of naive Western science, and the Dreaming is not a period of formation that is now over but one that is infinite. Indeed, one term for the Dreamtime, Alcheringa, has been translated as –to see things eternal. It is obvious that, in trying to come to grips with the ineffable, words can only get us so far. However, to some extent we can say that the Dreamtime is a place, a time and a vision. One which is all place, all time, it is a dimension of reality which creates and sustains and provides purpose and meaning. Yet in the Original paradigm, this highly mystical concept is thoroughly grounded, for the Creation Spirits manifest through the land which shares this eternal reality. Every person and place in the continent is embraced by these beings (or we might say, this Being). The Creation Spirits determined all personal and tribal identity, relationships of respect and the ways of communicating them, the relationship with non-human species and the land, initiation ceremonies, cosmological tales and every other aspect of life (and death) imbued with deep meaning. These form an eternal circle whose source is the Dreaming. The integrity of the Original spiritual paradigm is guaranteed in perpetuity because of its comprehensive nature; one which is untainted by the materialist and competitive influences of the degenerate societies which have replaced a similar vision. That vision was, doubtless, once worldwide (and as we shall see, was probably initially exported from Australia). Whatever true spirituality exists in the world only does so in so far as it retains some essence of this original teaching and taps into the vision behind it.

Source: “Shunned” by Steven & Evan Strong (2013)

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Before Its Gone

Due to persistent and senseless decimation and domination of the aboriginal people (akas 1st nations and/or indigenous) of this earth, and more specifically those held in High Esteem within these societies, the survival and revival of Tjukurritja manifest (the Dreamtime evident) is to be made known, as a matter of cultural respect, regard, and urgency …

Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa
Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa

Since time immemorial, the Way to the Tjukurritja (Dreamtime) has been maintained and honoured through various rites-of-passage, and an ensuing disciplined life that revolved around necessary sacred ritual. Instructions from the “agents” (Ancestral Beings) of the Kurrunpa (the life force in all), were entrusted to the initiated; the enlightened, and the custodial. Often, these “messianic-like” people, living within the context of their societies and respective territories, were referred to as “people of High Esteem” … the medicine wo/men and Law men of their respective communities.

With respect to Australia, the absolute-original Law for all Life (access to, and the learning of) — the “TAO of the Tjukurritja” was protected and entrusted to the Aboriginals, by means of instructions known as “The Law”.

In 1788, the last continent to be infected with the “Disease of The Lost” was Australia — and as a result, most of the earth-bound guardians of the secret-sacred Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime Story), have all but passed from this plane.

With the advent and embracing of the Agricultural; Industrial; Scientific and Techno-logical Ages respectively, coupled with the spread of the resultant “Lost Tribes” and colonisation, the demise of knowledge-enabled aboriginal peoples of this world is now upon us.

The resulting vacuum has created a break in the flow — the Kurrunpa of life — allowing the opportunist, the self-centred and the modernised a license to readily present themselves as self-anointed messengers and “wisdom teachers” of the colonised “global village” and its New World Order.

Unfortunately and regrettably, within the so-called “New Age”, these self-appointed gurus in many guises with somewhat dubious authority and motives pray-on the gullible, the tired, the lost, and the hope-less, who all too often fall prey to the concocted messages that have been miss-taken, and are not soundly g/rounded within “the Law” given from the Tjukurritja and taught within the absolute original story, the Tjukurrpa.

The consequences of this crisis are all encompassing.

The Transplanting of The Seed

As the Family Tree of Humanity grew and evolved from the depths of the Land of the Seed (originally belonging to Gondwanaland), It’s prunings, broken branches and off-shoots were dispersed far from their Origin. Weakened from lack of nurture and the immediate proximity of the source of the Kurrunpa and the accompanying Custodians and Guardians (the very first humans), these “seeds” were unavoidably diluted, mutated and manipulated.

The adaptations of the Knowing of Origene grew from the elements of truth, and became the the sacred Law of the aboriginal peoples of those far-flung places far from the Dreamtime. Some of the essential elements of Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa (Dreamtime Story) have survived in the newer societies, though much is lost through the tyranny of distance, erosion, eradication, exploitation, and the evolvement and enforcement of earth-bound time.

The Tjukurritja Tjukurrpa is the wholiest of sacred stories.

  • It is the omnipotent and omnipresent Law of Life.
  • It is the Law of Nature.
  • It is from the Source, and therefore beyond all knowing.
  • Its truth can only be experienced.
  • It’s provisos are not negotiable.
  • It cannot be sold nor purchased.
  • It’s origins and substance are not of this world’s logic… though many throughout humankind profess their awareness of the Tjukurritja in it’s varied and diverse manifestations,
  • It is all too often either presented in an adulterated manner by the uninitiated and ill-informed, resulting in more damage than repair, or
  • It remains ignored and/or derided by society that is, in the main, unconscious, ‘asleep’ and deluded.

Personal experience should not be too readily discounted.” ~ DjA

Even though there have been many attempts to encapsulate and explain the Tjukurritja’s vitalness in definitive terms, the Dreamtime has evaded contemporary analysis and continues to elude the intelligentsia and the selfish “seekers” of the civilised world.